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Who are we?

IamInk Writers is a social network, targeting songwriters, giving them a chance to work with whoever they choose. Collaboration is great when you put talented people together but it’s even better when they spark a magic chemistry all their own. We make sure that you have the ability to do this and one way is by making a smart search engine that best matches what you are looking for in a fellow collaborator. But beyond networking with your fellow songwriters, IamInk Writers gives you a chance to network with major professionals in the industry as well.


Because they have so many people knocking on their doors, we don’t want to bombard them all at once. However, they can surely knock down YOUR door if they hear what they like! Professional song seekers have their own network at IamInk Writers where they can mingle amongst themselves, but also where they can choose to contact you, the talented songwriter. Once they contact you or request you on their network, let the magic of the music business commence! We want to have a fair and fun atmosphere for our writers as well as the great music professionals interested in our songwriters.

IamInk Writers gives our songwriters a simple and recommended step by step way to breakthrough a very guarded industry, the music business. In a world of “no unsolicited material allowed,” we want to label you as the filtered and coveted group of undiscovered songwriting talent. This means you need to be educated in the business you desire to be a part of, the BUSINESS of music, not only on your creative talents. Our IamInk mag is an informative, interactive and trendy online magazine to educate our writers, get them additional opportunities for exposure as well as get our community of writers active in the music business. There is a lifestyle to the world of music and our job is to get you in the thick of it. We welcome you where you belong, in the creative, business and lifestyle arena of music.

Own your purpose of being a great songwriter and helping bring life into the world through song.

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